Late Winter, Short Winter 2017

Greetings, friends! We have been so busy this year so far – the work we expected to do to make a new record, and to fight back against a dangerous regime in a time of dynamic upheaval and possibility. And we somehow are finding time for all of it, even with these two kids to raise. We are heartened to see so many people organizing themselves and getting together for positive social change. As daunting as it may seem, we were born to live in these times and to be present to stand up against racism and economic inequality and to protect the Earth. 
So, we changed our name, right? How’d that happen? We were considering what it meant to have anything ‘pretend’ around our hearts, thinking that we began this journey as “Pretend Sweethearts” some years ago when our circumstances looked like those Two-Crazy-Kids-With-A-Dream we’ve all heard about. Some people didn't really get the name. We liked it back then. In these times especially, it seemed it was time to embrace a name that radiates our sincerity, but also what the late sage Lisa Lepine would call authentic authority. We ain't pretendin' anything. Heart Hunters came to Drew in a vision and it just rang the bell right away. We think it sounds a little sexy, a little primitive and a perhaps a wee bit dangerous ; ) 
And we’re moving forward with the new record. We’ve been talking with our producer, the Peter Case, and have recorded some demos of the stuff we’re writing that we’re liking. We’re all stoked. And the team is coming together – folks are coming out of the woodwork to help us with admin, booking and management. You might say we feel blessed. We decided to write very directly and hone songwriting as an effective tool to help organize a social movement for justice, equality, ecological sustainability and peace. We feel these songs are coming to us with strength and power, to be shared with compassion and joy. 

We just spent last week and weekend in Kansas City for Folk Alliance International and it was a hoot. We played several showcases, heard amazing music and met a lot of great people. 
The next big step is fundraising. We are orchestrating our plans and actions to successfully crowd-fund the new record. It will happen in May and we’ll get to the studio in the summer. We’re aiming at funding the complete recording-to-manufacturing process and the follow-up of PR and promotional campaigns. It’s ambitious, but we are up to the task and we know our family, friends and allies will be helping us out immensely.   
Stay calm – it’s getting hot. Toward liberation always. Bless you. 

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