Our New Record

The record is done tracking. It did a lot of tracking. It tracked in the day and it tracked late into the night. In and out of canyons, through woods and over meadows, into the compressor, out to the plate reverb, tumbling onto the magnetic web of 2 inch tape. We had an amazing time making it. Took a while. Was challenging. Seems pretty beautiful. Peter is great to work with. Total sage, craftsman, bard, songster. We think it'll be called "American Eclipse". 

We are about to do final mixes, which is exciting. There's a lot of "rich stuff" in there, Goonies. We expect to release it in March of 2018. Touring with the Spring. 

Thanks to every one of you who gave to our kickstarter and made it possible. Thank you for sharing! It was an indescribable feeling of gratitude when we reached that goal. It's coming back to you by the armloads. Thank you so much. 


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