We are making a new record!!!

We are making a dream record!

We're calling it the "Dream Record" for a number of reasons. We're so excited about the possibilities and the energy of it and it's a synthesis of all our experiences and work together. We have been making music for five years. Although we've put out an EP and an album (and prior projects too), nothing we've recorded so far has the energy and vision of what we're poised to do.

Peter Case will be producing this record! 

We first connected with Peter Case in San Francisco two years ago, but his music feels like an old friend. I (Drew) was given a cassette of the acclaimed Man With the Blue Post-Modern, Fragmented, Neo-Traditionalist Guitar album for my 15th birthday. Case's top-notch song craft set a high standard and influenced me deeply. Listening to his records is part of a good education in production as well. When we began thinking of what kind of record we wanted to make, it occurred to us that maybe we knew just the guy to produce it. His last record is as good a soundtrack as you could want for the present social landscape of the US. 

A highly respected teacher of songwriting, Peter will spend time with us, revising and arranging the material, and doing pre-production. Then we'll hit the studio to capture the magic and share it with the world. The songs cover everything from love and ghosts to spiritual thirst and social justice. There's a lot of wonder and joy in there, but no looking away from the challenging realities of the times we live in. One thing we see clearly in Peter's songs is a skillful expression of folk music's tradition of populist storytelling and the social vision to accompany that. We offer you a volume of songs to uplift you politically, teach you a new hymn or two, and hopefully leave you a little dazed, grinning. 

Please come on this journey with us and help us bring this dream to fruition. Follow the link below to help us make this record!! We are so excited to share what we come up with!


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