Update and Video!

Happy New Year y’all! 

It’s actually kinda cold here in Georgia as we get rolling into 2020. We’re that much closer to the current POTUS going away one way or the other so we can get down to the collective work of profound social change we have been waiting all our lives for. To that end, we are releasing a new song, penned by Brianna Blackbird, called “Smokin’ Potpourri (and Drinking Gasoline)”. It’s a funny song about this crazy feeling we get, knowing that our petty vices, obsessions and distractions keep us all from realizing revolutions personal and political. Look for it at the end of January! 

In case you missed it, we released a new video at the end of 2019 that bookends the American Eclipse cycle. Watch the video here  It’s been a good run and a long one. Sometimes it seems like you’ve barely gotten started then you realize you’ve been on two tours of the west coast, up and down the east coast and all around the southeast and Midwest playing shows. We plan to be a little less busy with touring this year, focusing on children, organizing and teaching. 

We do have a residency at the Crystal Hotel in Portland April 26th -May 2nd where we’ll bring new songs and share each night with a different musical guest. If you’re in the PNW, start making plans! The venue is a century-old hotel in downtown with a warm salt water soaking pool, a great restaurant at street level and each room has a mural with a different rock-n-roll icon. 

They say it’s always darkest just before dawn and we are in the thick of it. Let’s stick together and envision a glorious future of equality, liberation, justice and sustainability. 

Brianna & Drew

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